CAXperts releases SpecXpert

A new product that provides quality assurance and bulkload sheet management for Smart 3D piping specs

SpecXpert efficiently supports work processes for piping spec quality assurance and bulkload sheet management

Munich, Germany, March 3, 2014 – CAXperts has released SpecXpert, a new product to support the work of piping spec. administrators for Intergraph’s Smart 3D solution.

SpecXpert provides a solution that enables quality assurance checks for piping specs and effective management of bulkload sheets for Intergraph Smart 3D. Functions included are the verification that piping spec components can be placed within the 3D model and the ability to regenerate bulkload sheets based on the Smart 3D catalogue contents.

Key benefits include:

  • Comprehensive quality assurance check for all components on your Smart 3D piping specification
  • Elimination of delays in design time due specification components that won’t place
  • Reduction of 90% of the man-hours for validating your piping specifications
  • Generate difference bulkload sheets to eliminate the need for sequence loading based on SmartPlant Reference Data revisions
  • Validation of specifications provided to you from a client or contractor prior to use on a project
  • Overall reduction of project costs
  • Elimination of claims from engineering partners as a result of specs not being fully functional

Full details of this new solution can be found at