Creating deliverables without a 3D model

DrawingXpert creates modified copies of existing SmartSketch® drawings; with just a single keystroke, or via an automated Batch Process. All modifications are based on rules which can apply to any type: e.g. Coordinates, Title Blocks, Bill of Material or the Retagging of Items, Labels and all kinds of other text and information within a drawing. If you want a fast and automated solution to create 100% flawless isometrics and layout drawings, DrawingXpert is the right tool for you!



Text, Tags, Coordinates, Title Blocks, etc. can be changed



Modifications across the complete Folder Structure in Batch Mode


Repeatable & Reliable

Delivers reliable results at a high level versus manual checking

Duplicate complete units just based on existing drawings!

Many plant engineering projects have multiple units and sections in a plant that are identical. So you can make the most of the “copy effect” – Just do the complete design for a “master unit” and duplicate it. As easy as it sounds it may nevertheless be quite complex to generate the “deliverables” (isometrics and layout plans of any type) using those “master unit” copies. And maybe they are not even identical replicas of the original drawings in the end!
We offer you a smart shortcut for that: the DrawingXpert! With a straightforward configuration (in an Excel file) you can create a drawing batch with the new unit’s parameters – without even touching the 3D model! Simply exchange pipeline names, coordinates in isometrics or vessel names in layout plans. During the duplication, the content of the title block is created new, and all revisions reset. Many options in a smart tool!

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