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FlexNetReport is a command line utility to generate Excel Report with license usage for CAXperts products from vendor daemon log file of FlexNet Server.

Using FlexNetReport

To generate Excel report run FlexNetReport from the command line run:

FlexNetReport.exe –input C:\Path\To\FlexNetServer\LogFile.log –output C:\Output\Example.xlsx

-input: defines the path to the FlexNet vendor daemon log file.

By default vendor daemon log file is located on machine running FlexNet server: "C:\Program Files\FlexNet Publisher License Server Manager\logs\caxperts.log" or use FlexNet Administrator interface to find the correct location:

-output: defines the path to the output Excel report file (.xls or .xlsx). If the file with the same name already exists, FlexNetReport backups it and creates a new Excel file.

Generated reports contains following information:

Product The name of CAXperts product
User Login name of the user which uses CAXperts software.
Computer Computer name where CAXperts software is used.
Check out The timestamp when the license has been reserved (CAXperts software started).
Check in The timestamp when the license has been released (CAXperts software exited).
Hold time License hold time in minutes.