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Obtaining the Host ID

To create a valid licence key for your licence server, CAXperts needs the host ID of your server.

Obtain host ID using web interface (lmadmin)

  1. Open the web browser and go to.

  2. Switch to “Administration” page.

  3. On the “System Information” tab “Ethernet Address” shows the unique host id of the licence server.

  1. Send the host id to CAXperts.

Obtain host ID using command line (lmhostid)

  1. Go to the machine running FlexNET server (11.12.1 or higher).

  2. Download/save.

  3. the command prompt (Windows Start -> Run or Win + R).

  4. Execute lmhostid.exe

  5. For every network card a separate host id is generated. Provide only ONE to CaXperts.