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360° panorama

When the model contains a laserscan with its panorama information, the panorama viewing spheres can be enabled in the settings menu under “Toggle options” – “360° Panorama”. The panoramas will now appear as red spheres in the model.
Clicking one of the spheres transports the camera into its centre, overlaying the model with the panorama image taken at that position. The camera can only be rotated while inside a panorama sphere. Using the mouse wheel (or pinching/spreading on mobile) zooms in and out.

The additional context menu contains the panorama options.

Recent panoramas: shows the last activated panoramas in order. Selecting one moves into that sphere.
Opacity slider: increases/decreases the opacity of the overlaid panorama image.
Exit panorama: deactivates the panorama and resets the camera to normal behaviour.

When selecting a laserscan object, any panorama spheres visible from the point of the click (or tap on mobile)are shown in the attributes field in the additional context menu. Clicking one of them jumps into that sphere.