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With avatars you can visualise the size of your model and go on a virtual tour.

Placing, moving and deleting avatars

Open the avatars panel and drag an avatar to the desired place. You can also select an avatar and click on the object in your model it should stand on. Clicking on an empty space will place the avatar somewhere inside your model.

After placing an avatar, you can move and rotate it horizontally by dragging the respective icons. You can always select an avatar regardless if the avatar menu is open or not.

A click on this icon brings the bottom of the avatar to the closest surface above or below.

You can delete avatars after selecting them by clicking on the delete icon. If you want to delete multiple avatars it could be easier to close and reopen UniversalPlantViewer. All avatars that aren’t saved in a configuration file will be lost.

Walk mode

If you select an avatar and enter walk mode, you can walk and drive around with that avatar. Hold the left mouse button and drag the mouse, or simply drag your finger on a touch device. You can switch to any avatar in your model by clicking on it and continue moving.


You can move the camera behind and slightly in front of the avatar. Similar to the inverse clipping mode, you’ll always have an unobstructed view to the additional object.


Your avatar will lift / drop to surfaces that aren’t too high / low. This allows you to walk up / down stairs.

Collision detection

You can toggle collision detection in walk mode on / off.

Saving avatars

If you want to save the placing of your avatars use a configuration file.