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Colourise selected objects

You can change the display colour of selected objects by opening the Colour menu. This menu is separated in four basic sections as depicted below:

Colour options

Advanced colour selection – This opens a pop-up menu for detailed color selection, enabling you to pick from the full RGP spectrum of colors:
Once the colour is set up as required, confirm [] or cancel [] your selection. The selected object(s) will instantly be displayed in the chosen colour.
The colour picker allows you to pick a colour from a 3D object and store it in the “custom colours”. These can be selected afterwards from the colour palette like the default colours.
When the function is activated, first click on an object you want to draw the colour from and then pick a white custom colour square to assign the picked colour to it.
The clear style button reverts the assigned colour to the selected objects’ default colour as initially assigned in the building process.
The reset all colours button reverts all assigned colours for all objects to their default colour as initially assigned in the building process.

Default colours

The default colours section provides a basic set of default colours that can be applied to the currently selected objects. These colours are predefined.

Custom colours

The custom colours are defined by the user through the colour picker function described above. After their definition, they can be used for colouring like the default colours.

Opacity setting

The slider on the bottom changes opacity, where the leftmost position is fully transparent, and the rightmost position means the selected objects are fully opaque.