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Quick comments

After a click on this icon you can add comments to an object or a group of objects. Select objects and add a comment to be shown in the model by entering your text into the box. You can show / hide comments by (un)ticking them or clicking on the toggle icon.

You can drag attributes from the menu on the right into the main window. Those attributes are treated as comments and are linked to their object.

Changing and deleting comments

To change a comment, click on it (it will be highlighted in red) and enter a new text or drag a new attribute to the main window.

To delete a comment, select it and click on the “Remove” icon in the top tool-bar.
To re-select the to be commented object, click on the “select” icon. This will let you move the comment-line to a different object. A red marker will be visible to help you relocate precisely.
Click on this button to edit your comment. The new comment-window can be closed by selecting the check-mark in the top right corner.
This icon hides the comment line. This feature is especially usefull in the 2D-environment.
To hide a comment, toggle this icon.