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Configuration file

By editing the configuration file you can hide buttons from the menu on the left, the tree bar on top of the screen and the menu on the right. Only the tab bar at the bottom cannot be hidden so that PDFs and other internal documents can be viewed and closed.

The configuration is stored in defaultConfig.upv files in the same folder as the Universal Plant Viewer.exe and can be edited using a text editor.

Keep in mind that certain elements can influence others.

Table 8: List of menu items

Icon Key Description
All Hide the whole UI.
LeftMenu Hide the complete menu on the left.
RightMenu Hide the complete menu on the right.
Search Hide the search button in the right menu.
CameraModes Hide the camera modes. UniversalPlantViewer will use the orbit mode.
Fit Hide the Fit button.
ClippingModes Hide the clipping modes.
ClippingModeSettings Hide the settings for the clipping modes.
ColourButton Hide the button for colouring objects.
Highlight Hide the Highlight button.
Measure Hide the Measure distances button.
ShowPackagesPanel Hide the Open the packages panel.
ViewPanelVisible Hide the Open views panel button.
ShowAvatars Hides the Open addaitional objects panel button.
ImportObject Hide the Load object from disk button.
ShowComments Hide the Open commenting system button.
Markup Hide the Open markup button.
OpenSketchMode Hide the Open sketch mode button.
ShowCustomAttributePanel Hide the Custom attributes panel button.
ToolsButton Hide the Tools button.
LineTracking Hide the Activate line tracking button.
SettingsButton Hide the settings button.
TreeBar Hide the navigation bar on top.
TreeConfiguration Hide the Configure the project tree button.
FileButton Hide the file management.
LoadColourFile Hide the Load a colour file button.
LoadLinkFile Hide the Load a link file button.
CreateReport Hide the button to create reports.
ExportObjects Hide the save objects to disk button.

Example: The following code will hide the centre, highlight and measure buttons from the menu on the left:


"ConfigVersion": 2,

"Views": [{

"Name": "Default View",

"HiddenMenuItems": [






The configuration is separated into 4 blocks:

  • CurrentViewSettings: Define the default view when initially opening the UPV model or resetting

  • Views: Storage for all saved views

  • CommonSettings/UserSettings: The default upv settings can be distributed freely between those two blocks. With this you can place common settings which should apply to all users in the "CommonSettings" block. The specific user settings are supposed to be stored in the "UserSettings" block.

Blocks from multiple configurations are merged. Common settings are not saved by default.


You can define filters for setting blocks (common/user).

UPV always uses the first matching block for each unique feature. All following matches are ignored.

A “filters” block can contain multiple clauses. They are linked with an OR operator.


"CommonSettings": [


"Filters" : [{"DeviceType" : "IOS"}, {"DeviceType" : "Android"}],

LodTrianglesLimit": 50000000



"LodTrianglesLimit": 50000001



In this example all users with an Android or iOS device have a triangles limit of 50000000.

All other users have a triangles limit of 50000001.

Possible filters

UserDomainName = "Caxperts01"

DisplaySize = ... options: Smartphone (<9 inch), Tablet (9 -14 inch), Desktop (14-28 inch), Large (28-40 inch), VeryLarge (> 40 inch)

DeviceType = ... options: Windows, IOS, Android, UniversalWindowsPlatform

DeviceName = ...

UserName = ...

Recap: elements that can be predefined / added

Predefining certain elements speeds up working with UniversalPlantViewer, especially for routine tasks.

In the respective chapters you can find descriptions how to predefine:

  • Views

  • Volumes

  • Reports

You can add

  • Colour files

  • Link files

  • Object lists for creating double-sided ISOs