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Quick start guide

This chapter provides a quick overview of UniversalPlantViewer’s functions. For detailed information please refer to the specific chapters.

After starting the UniversalPlantViewer you will see a list of models and some additional information about them. Load a valid model by clicking on it or enter a file-path and click on the button stream in the lower right corner.
Choose a language in the upper right corner.

Loading models

Load a valid local model by clicking on it. Alternatively, you can enter a file-path in the line at the bottom of the screen and click on the button stream in the lower right corner.

You can also download an online model to your local/mobile device.

Button Action
Show the list of log files. You can open and copy the content of a log file to the clipboard.
Local model is invalid and can no longer be accessed.
This local version is outdated and can no longer be accessed. You can set the expiration date of a model during model generation in the UniversalPlantViewer Builder.
Stream model from the Internet.
Download model to the local device. For example, if you take your mobile device to a plant without internet connection.
Open camera to scan QR-code.
Copy filename to the input box.
Delete local version.

You can enter a custom file path (local or online) in the line at the bottom of the screen and stream or download the model:

If you are providing a model while using https you can protect access to your model by HTTP Basic Authentication with user name and password. You can also allow downloads. Those options are available in the Generate output options of the UniversalPlantViewer Builder.


Additional context menu

The menu on the right contains a search box and links information for the selected objects. This menu also contains the tree view if you toggle from tree bar to tree view in the settings menu. The attributes tab shows all attributes, links, custom attributes and other information of the currently selected objects. The files tab shows a treeview of the UPVfile of the active model.


If you click on close or hit “Alt + F4” a message will ask you if you really want to close the viewer. This will prevent you from accidentally closing the program and loosing data.