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Quick Start Guide

Data flow chart

For SmartPlant Review Data:

For PDMS Data:

For IFC Data:

For Smart 3D Data from 3D ReportAdapter:

Quick Start instructions

  1. Determine which adapter is needed for your input type (see chart above).

  2. Start that adapter

  3. Select your input file

  4. Press “Capture”

The UPVC file will now be created.

  1. Start Universal Plant Viewer Builder

  2. Open the UPVC file which was just created

  3. Press “Generate output”

  4. Select “UniversalPlantViewer” as output type

  5. Press “Create” - The Universal Plant Viewer will now be created.

  6. Open the output folder and start Universal Plant Viewer.exe

For mobile devices:

  • Copy output folder to your webserver.

  • Download Universal Plant Viewer app

  • In the app enter the address of your webserver