The IntelliPID module allows all stakeholders to access information stored in P&ID drawings. It runs on mobile devices and computers with Windows, iOS, and Android. IntelliPID can handle large datasets regardless of device and supports both streaming and local use.


Easy to use

For a wide audience without need for an expert or special training – also ideal for infrequent users.



Save time, costs and reworking efforts thanks to better understanding and clearer communication. This also reduces engineering queries.



All the data and functions you need for routine tasks and an in depth analysis.

Integrated viewing module for UniversalPlantViewer

IntelliPID lets you handle Intergraph SmartPlant P&ID and 3D seamlessly. Use your desktop computer or mobile device to examine even very large datasets. Thanks to a powerful search function, coloring options and integration of Microsoft Excel data you can visualize your model data as you like. You can follow pipelines across document borders. Check on tag numbers, status, and other main properties. Provide streamlined information for co-workers and customers for example as PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve got a viewing tool already. Why should I try IntelliPID?

IntelliPID was specifically designed for reviewing P&IDs; it can handle large datasets even on mobile devices and allows streaming as well as local usage.

Why is IntelliPID going to save me time?

IntelliPID was designed to keep things simple: with its intuitive search function you can visualise the search results across drawings; with its powerful colourise function it allows you to mark objects across drawings and save the result to PDF files.

What formats are supported by IntelliPID?

P&ID: Intergraph SmartPlant P&ID

Can I access the 3D model data by clicking on IntelliPID objects?

Yes, definitely. For packages consisting of P&ID and 3D data objects can find each other based on property mapping.

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