The 3D textured mesh viewer for everybody

From 3D laser scans to a mesh you can share and enhance

LaserScan View&Work

The lean, simple and powerful solution for viewing high-quality laser scans. Make your data even more useful by adding conceptual designs, assign attributes and high quality data directly in your tool.

LaserScan View&Work is versatile, user friendly and highly efficient. By converting your 3D laser scans to a textured mesh enhanced by panoramic 3D photos you get real 3D models that offer enough quality for a realistic VR experience on desktop computers and VR devices while remaining compact enough to be displayed on mobile devices.

LaserScan View&Work provides very small datasets (100 scans = 1 GB) so you can share them online or on external mediums like an USB thumb drive.


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UniversalPlantViewer is a simple and easy viewer. As viewing is free, you can provide access to the 3D model for all project stakeholders. UniversalPlantViewer is required.

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Lean, simple and powerful LaserScan

High quality viewer for everyone

You don’t need to replace laser scan point clouds with panoramic photos in order to share them. LaserScan View&Work converts your scans to a textured mesh for photorealistic, real 3D models that can be viewed by everyone, everywhere.

Make your scans intelligent

Refine your model even more with UniversalPlantViewer. You can select areas of your model, add new designs, assign attributes and colours based on conditions. Take the leap from viewing to really working with your model – online and offline.

Powerful and efficient

Based on your needs on the planning board and out on the site LaserScan View&Work offers a versatile tool for experts and beginners. Perfect for sharing your work with your team and other parties.

Key Features


Free viewing on all devices

License required for scan (e57 format) conversion

30 Day Trial


free for 30 days

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Yearly subscription


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The 3D Textured Mesh viewer for everybody


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