PDS® project upgrades


CAXperts have developed a method and utilities to improve and speed up the process and reliability of upgrading Intergraph® PDS projects to the latest version of Intergraph PDS software.

Common Issues:

Companies can be reluctant to upgrade PDS projects to the latest version of PDS software for a number of reasons…

  • There is uncertainty about how long the process will take
  • There could be dozens or even hundreds of projects that would need to be upgraded adding to the complexity of the task
  • There may be missing models or drawings which will cause the process to stop with the administrator having to restart the process many times, also adding to the time taken.
  • The database structure and the project-ddl file may not be aligned and could contain orphan entries
  • Equipment models may be very complex and contain errors which will also stop the upgrade process

The method and utilities described below have been specifically designed to address these issues and deliver a fast upgrade with reliable results.

Checks Required before Upgrading a PDS Project:

There are a number of checks that need to be performed prior to commencing any upgrade.
CAXperts has developed a number of utilities that ensure that checks are performed and that any errors found are fixed. This effectively makes the upgrade process a “single push button” exercise.

In order to achieve an efficient workflow in a predictable period of time it needs some utilities which ensure a reliable checking and fixing of not yet upgraded projects in order to make the Upgrade-
Process itself to a “One-Push-Button” exercise.

The PDS-Admin Tool has specific functionality to support PDS project upgrades where…

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    1. The PDS Project can be analysed for missing models and drawings in the PDSproject. If there are missing models and drawings the administrator can automatically restore them by using the seed-files for the particular discipline or the models and drawings can be searched in the network environment. No manual process is involved.

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  1. The database structure can be checked against the project-ddl file to find and fix orphan entries in the database automatically using the predefined options.

Equipment-Upgrader and Post Upgrade Checker:

To eliminate the upgrade process stopping when it comes to equipment models that contain errors, the PDS-AdminTool includes a utility which analyses the internal EQP-Model structure and corrects it
if necessary. Finally a Post-Upgrade Report is generated, where the state of the models is listed.
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Another helpful Utility:

PD_XPDA is a utility that is delivered as standard with all PDS software. This provides amongst other things very comfortable functionality for modifying the PDS-profiles. This also helps to speed up the
upgrade process.


PDS-AdminTool increases the speed and reliability of the upgrade process and provides:

  • Comprehensive quality checks prior to the upgrade process, ensuring predictable and reliable results.
  • Automatic fixing of missing models and drawings.
  • Overall reduction of downtime for projects due to the upgrade process


CAXperts has successfully upgraded already hundreds of PDS-Projects for customers all over the world. This was done either as a complete outsourced service or as onsite-consulting.

With a predefined and approved workflow together with powerful Tools, CAXperts could manage an upgrade of more than 200 PDS Projects, spread over 4 sites, for a worldwide EPC in less than 700 man-hours.

To find out more – email: info@caxperts.com