PlantReModeller speeds up the process of remodeling data from legacy systems such as Intergraph PDS to make an intelligent model available within Smart 3D.


Fast data import

Import and delivery of data are faster than with any other available software or manual remodeling. No preparation required


Full control

Any necessary changes during the data import and remodeling process are entirely left in control of the SmartPlant designer.


Complete and correct

An effective and complete data import process is ensured, including graphics and metadata; all piping data will be placed correctly.

Easy migration of PDS legacy data

Focus on your engineering work instead of spending time on the import of data. PlantReModeller will save time in your engineering projects and  provides you with a reliable and robust migration of legacy data. PlantReModeller uses a high level of automation to import data (“one-button solution“).

Use cases  |  Explore the possibilities

Import equipment models


The main challenge for the import of equipment data from PDS to Smart 3D is to achieve a complete graphical and meta data conversion.


The PlantReModeller import feature for equipment is designed to be used by project engineers. It uses a straightforward mapping methodology. Together with its comprehensive reporting features, it ensures an effective and complete import process.

  1. Aspects are transferred correctly (insulation, maintenance, operation, etc.)
  2. Intelligent Smart 3D nozzles
  3. All PDS-MicroStation attachments are imported automatically
  4. All attributes can be transferred
  5. Imported as a modifiable Designed Equipment

Import piping models


The primary challenge for the import of piping data from PDS to Smart 3D is the correct placement of all components as spec parts or intelligent “placeholders”. Additionally, an isometric drawing should be generated.


PlantReModeller’s import functionality for piping is designed to be used by project engineers. It combines a straightforward mapping methodology with comprehensive reporting. This ensures an effective and complete import process.

  1. Easy mapping of PDS parts to Smart 3D shortcodes
  2. Intelligent import mechanism with dimension check and fall-back scenario
  3. All attributes can be transferred

Import FrameWorks models from PDS into Smart 3D


The main challenge for the import of Structural data from PDS to Smart 3D is the correct placement of the Structural data


Simply use the PlantReModeller import functionality for Structural Import


Smart 3D

  1. Easy mapping of PDS to Smart 3D Sections
  2. Import of all straight and curved members
  3. Recreation of Frame Connections is possible

Import Layout Drawings from PDS into Smart 3D


The main challenge for the import of drawings from PDS to Smart 3D is

  • the placement of drawing volumes in the model,
  • the creation of the composed drawing,
  • the correct arrangement of the views in the drawing and
  • the assignment of the drawing view style


As a „one-button solution“, PlantReModeller will automatically execute all the necessary steps listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it import equipment? What about pipe-nozzles?

Yes, it will recreate Equipment by placing generic Smart 3D shapes with intelligent pipe-nozzles. All MicroStation attachments will be automatically attached, there’s no rework needed.

Do I have to re-create all pipe specs in Smart 3D before I can start the conversion?

No, the piping import now allows the placement of parts out of piping specs in combination with the CAXperts “SuperSymbol”. This minimises the effort of spec setup and completes the import with PDS identical intelligent “placeholders”.

Can PlantReModeller import Hangers & Supports?

Yes, Supports are placed as designed supports – the support graphic is placed as an intelligent equipment item.

Is it possible to import PDS layout drawings?

Yes, it automatically imports and places views, viewing-volumes, and composed drawings together with a mapping of drawing-view-styles.

Does PlantReModeller support intelligent structural items?

Yes, all linear and curved members are imported with full intelligence. The recreation of PDS FrameWorks cutbacks is also possible.

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