UniversalReporter now with “Command Line” Option

We pleased to announce that today we released a new version of UniversalReporter that now supports a “Command Line” option following frequent requests from clients for this functionality.
The addition of the Command line now means that Microsoft Excel reports can be generated automatically and on a regular basis (e.g. daily overnight) with a date included in the file name for easy identification of when the report was generated.
The Command Line is an additional feature for UniversalReporter which already delivers the following benefits…

  •  Fast and simple creation of complex reports
  • Comparisons of data differences between 2 dates is possible
  • Composite reports across multiple applications can be generated
  • Validation of data consistency across multiple applications is possible
  • Report templates can be created without detailed knowledge of the application data structure and without the need for extensive SQL writing experience
  • A single user interface and approach to report generation for most engineering applications
  • Ad-hoc reports can be generated quickly to suit project demands without delay
  • Data consistency can be validated
  • Man-hour saving on data editing using the Edit Adapters