Intelligent 3D Model, LaserScan, P&ID, drawings and all documents on all device

Updated measuring functionality

The user can now place measurement lines in the model and then easily move the end markers to any object. The markers will snap to corners and edges. The measurement line will display the total distance as well as the distance in all main directions. The user can also add additional measurement lines.

Coloring & Highlighting

Color and Highlight selected objects in UniversalPlantViewer and save your changes in custom configurations. With deep linking you can control UPV from external documents, for example Excel.

Simple reporting

We also improved our reporting function, you can choose on whichever attribute you want to report. The report is created in the Excel format. Reports are only created for the visible parts of the project, which allows the user to create reports per selected area.

Double sided isometrics

UniversalPlantViewer is now able to generate so-called „double sided isometrics“, which are PDF files providing the standard isometric drawing, together with a special 3D view of the same elements as are in the isometric drawing. On the special 3D view the rest of the model is greyed out to ensure a good view of the highlighted objects.

Sketching, layout & red-lining

With UniversalPlantViewer’s sketching tools anybody can easily modify and add content in/to the 3D model. This makes meetings more productive and allows the team to easily try out design variants. This is an excellent functionality to pre-plan designs and quickly showcase a 3D model in an early stage.

Search functions

Most powerful search: to find or select the objects or parts you need, just start typing your search term and UniversalPlantViewer will find it.


Link from UniveralPlantViewer to external documents or systems. Jump back to your model and P&ID from external sources.


Fully integrate and drive UniversalPlantViewer with your software.

Package with 3D, P&ID & documents

Create work packages and use them offline, e.g. on mobile devices.

Touchscreen integration

Make the digital model the centre of your meeting by using UniversalPlantViewer on Microsoft Surface Hub or other large touchscreen devices.