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UniversalPlantViewer and Adapters



UniversalPlantViewer is a simple and easy viewer. As viewing is free, you can provide access to the 3D model for all project stakeholders. It works on mobile devices and computers running Windows, iOS, and Android.

UniversalPlantViewer Builder

UniversalPlantViewer Builder is the tool to create sessions for the UniversalPlantViewer


Adapter for Autodesk Navisworks


IFC Adapter

IntelliPID Adapter

PDFPID Adapter


LaserScan View&Work

PDMS Adapter

4D System


UniversalPlantViewer Samples

This area contains some sample files for UniversalPlantViewer, e.g. items for the sketching catalogue or SDK/API templates. Provided as-is, please use at your own risk.





UniversalReporter provides a complete solution for reporting and supports different engineering systems. It is simple to use and allows you to also modify data and write it back to the P&ID or Smart 3D database.

3D Edit and ReportAdapter

El ReportAdapter

Inst ReportAdapter

PDS ReportAdapter

PID Edit and ReportAdapter



QualityAssuranceModule provides you with a powerful data check system for users such as Project Information Managers, Project Engineers, and Application Power Users.

Software for SmartSketch



DrawingXpert creates modified copies of existing SmartSketch® drawings; with just a single keystroke, or via an automated batch process. All modifications are based on rules which can apply to any type: e.g. coordinates, title blocks, bill of material or the retagging of items, labels and all kinds of other text and information within a drawing.

Software for Smart 3D

3D SymbolDesigner

3D SymbolDesigner

3D SymbolDesigner simplifies and reduces the man hours needed to create parametric symbols for Smart 3D up to 80 percent. It comes with an easy to use, graphical user interface for the creation and documentation of parametric symbols.



Generate and compare Smart 3D bulkload files and ensure pipe class data quality


Software for PDS


ClashManager dramatically improves the productivity of clash management in Intergraph PDS by eliminating 90% of falsely reported clashes. Furthermore the software provides a simple approach to reporting, viewing, and approval of clashes.


CopyMoveRotate allows users to copy, move, rotate or mirror a section, or even an entire PDS model quickly and easily. This can reduce the amount of man-hours required by approx. 90% compared to traditional methods.


SpecManager validates all components within your PDS specs, enabling you to successfully develop and maintain PDS piping specifications.


IsoOverView improves the ISOGEN drawing output from Intergraph PDS by adding supplemental information that makes it easier to understand the piping isometric and its context within the overall engineering project.

PDS AdminTool

PDS AdminTool simplifies administration tasks for Intergraph PDS, saving a significant number of project man-hours.


XpertSync was designed for the synchronisation of PDS projects located on different global sites via a central repository on a Windows share or FTP server.



SmartFrame CheckTool


Use cases

FlexNET Server

Standard software