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Press Report

CAXperts and IMS partner in the U.S.

26. July 2022

CAXperts is excited to announce a partnership in the United States with the largest North American laser scan provider, Industrial Measurement Solutions, LLC (“IMS”). CAXperts has worked extensively with IMS for more than two years and believes U.S. clients will benefit from this relationship in many ways.

CAXperts is the developer of the UniversalPlantViewer (UPV) digital twin technology, which is widely used by industry around the globe as a highly effective asset management tool. Established 20 years ago, the company created UPV to offer industrial users a comprehensive overview of all assets and processes on a single software platform. The unique feature of UPV is that it makes the industry‘s biggest models available to authorized users at any time, wherever they are on all devices, from apps to web platforms.

The new partnership with IMS in the U.S. will provide North American clients using UniversalPlantViewer with exceptional laser scanning expertise, ensure their UniversalPlantViewer scan models are “built” to the highest specifications at no extra charge, and provide unlimited, local UniversalPlantViewer support.

Designed to streamline asset management for industrial organizations by bringing all existing systems together in a single point of truth, UniversalPlantViewer replicates physical assets on a virtual platform. With this digital twin of their operations, users have access to a tool that, among other things, simplifies project, revamp, start-up, maintenance and engineering planning and management.

„We want to provide our customers with the best software and a great experience. That includes optimal customer support,” says Peter Schlegel, managing director CAXperts. „The partnership with IMS delivers just that. IMS has more than 15 years of experience in the market and has a large team of UPV specialist across the US who can support our customers with outstanding on-site expertise.”

„Laser scanning is becoming increasingly important. That makes the largest laser-scan provider in the US the ideal partner for CAXperts. With their extensive experience in this field, IMS can achieve the best results for our UPV users,” Peter Schlegel continues. „To deliver the level of performance CAXperts wants for UPV models, the quality of the laser scan equipment, the survey controls used to ensure the accuracy of the point cloud, the quantity of scans and selection of scan locations, and the time spent on achieving adequate data capture are critical. This partnership will allow us to incorporate best-in-class digital UniversalPlantViewer asset management software with the industry standard for laser scan data collection. CAXperts and IMS look forward to collaboratively supporting our U.S. clients and contributing to their ongoing success with UniversalPlantViewer.”

High quality Laser-Scan in UniversalPlantViewer