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For more efficient workflow management

Greater transparency on processes, immediate insight into accountability and a clear overview of all workflow actions.

That is what the browser-based CAXperts WorkFlowSystem delivers. This extension to UniversalPlantViewer (UPV) links UPV items to workflow metadata that can be viewed from all internet connected devices. Every workflow in the UPV along with action items such as repairs, maintenance and new installations is automatically synchronised and logged with the WorkFlowSystem software.

The system is extremely easy to configure and highly flexible. Organisations can freely add elements and properties to the features preloaded in the template. A ticket history records all changes to facilitate tracking of events and progress.

Developed with ease of use in mind, the UPV graphical user interface is designed so operatives wearing personal protective equipment such as heavy-duty gloves can enter information without having to remove their safety gear. System administrators can easily filter information and limit access according to user groups. Project partners can share data without needing to send emails, can flip between single or multiple ticket item views, select data output options and extract data for analysis.

There is no simpler way to rationalise
workflow management.

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simplify work processes

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