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30 Reasons for

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1. Easy to learn and handle user interface.

Easy to learn and handle user interface.

2. Cost effective
3. Streaming mode available

Model can be streamed from a central – single point of truth

  • no more outdated models
  • same ‘up to date’ model for everyone
  • offline mode for situations where no network is available
4. Supports multiple file formats

Smart3D, PDS, PDMS, AutoCAD and BIM-Files supported. Multiple files from multiple sources can be merged together

5. Laser-Scan / Point cloud integration

6. Multi-platform support

Viewer software is available for Windows, Android, iOS and as a Windows store App (for Surface Hub and Windows Phone devices)


7. Installation-free Windows-Client

The windows viewer is a portable app that can be started by just double clicking on the exe. No installation is needed

The intelligent search will help to find objects hassle free. Just type in what you are looking for, regardless which attribute holds the information. UPV will display all matches, even without exact spelling.

Link to external systems
Attribute driven links to external systems like web-page, pdf, excel, etc.

10. Deep-Linking

UniversalPlantViewer can be driven by other software via hyperlinks.

11. API for full integration into other software

UniversalPlantViewer can be fully integrated into other software and driven via an IP-based interface.

12. Fully automated intelligent integration of isometric drawings

Smart3D Isometrics can be integrated intelligent. This enables a part level linking between isometric and 3D-Model.

13. Multiple clipping modes
  • Box clipping cuts out a part of the model
  • Inverse clipping gives a view inside buildings etc.
  • Intelligent clipping lets you clip out parts of the model with all surrounding objects.
  • Predefined clipping volumes can be predefined for easy end-user navigation
14. Different navigation modes
  • Orbit mode for standard mouse usage
  • Walk mode for easy touch navigation just with fingers
  • Flight mode for fast, gaming-like, navigation
15. Multilanguage support

Support for multiple languages, including Chinese

16. Intelli-Clipping – a very convenient way to inspect a pipe line

Point out objects of interest, but still be aware of the surroundings.

17. Advanced coloring

Apply colors manually or driven by attributes.

18. Integrate PDFs for offline usage

Show linked PDFs inside UPV and take them on site even without internet connection.

19. IntelliPID enables intelligent PID integration

Integrate PIDs just like the 3D model, including: attributes, coloring, reporting, searching.

20. Packaging function

Group objects by attribute or by using volumes. Hide, select and create separate models based on packages.

21. Save and restore views

Save views and colors to saved views to recall them easy.

22. Measurement

Measure distances and coordinates and snap to edges, corners, and centerlines.

23. Custom attributes

Create your own attributes and change them directly inside UniversalPlantViewer.
Report on them and bring them back to your design system (Smart3D …).

24. Tag comments

Attach Tag comments to objects. Simply attach attributes by drag and drop from the attributes panel.

25. Centralized commenting

Use a server-based database to store and track comments. Implement a workflow to make sure no issue gets lost.

26. Sketching

Copy existing objects. Create new Equipment and Pipelines fast and easy, to do arrangement studies, scaffolding planning and more.

27. Screenshots

Create Screenshots fast and easy in .jpg or .pdf format

28. QR-codes

Drive your viewer by scanning a QR-code, using the full API-functionality.

29. Free tree hierarchy configuration

Structure the tree hierarchy by using a fluid code, area or any other attributes to fit your needs.

30. On the fly reports

Create on the fly reports fast and easy. Use predefined reports to get information even faster. Report on custom attributes and directly change them inside the report. Simply save your reports as a .xlsx-file to disk.