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Functions in UniversalPlantViewer 6

Intelligent 3D Model, LaserScan, P&ID, drawings and all documents on all device


Hugest “Digital Twin” with all attributes/documents/info’s directly as well in the browser.


Open up many possibilities (signs, graphic display of filling level …)

Embedded Drawings in the 3D model

Graphically deposit drawings as an additional layer. Layout plan brings the model into a reference to the entire plant or simplest check of model against plan.

Photo overlay with cross-fade effect

Check model against reality in the simplest way. Place a (smartphone) photo behind the 3D model and compare both with a slider. This highly innovative technology quickly documents the difference between model and as-built.

Intelligent P&ID from third-party systems

(PDF, COMOS®, AutoCAD® …)

Editing and Redline of P&ID made easier

Intelligent laser scan

Without time-consuming remodelling.

Import of textured meshes

(drone scan …).

Gridline support

Gridlines can be taken over from the source system and/or entered from outside.

Optimized UI

The optimised UI makes it simplest to structure all actions in the project. This makes it easy to maintain an overview even in a complex project and to collaborate effectively with partners.

The “Digital Twin”: all information at your fingertips

Make a Digital Twin of your plant available to approved users anywhere and on any device. The Digital Twin may include the 3D model, laser scans, P&IDs, documents etc.

Intelligent P&ID

Supports search, reporting and mark-up, off-page connectors, display styles etc.

Sketching – conceptual design with custom catalogue support

Modify your model and P&IDs, document changes or carry out initial preliminary planning.

Laser scan integration

Due to our unique fully automated mesh creation algorithm the largest laser scan projects in our industry can be fully integrated with a 3D model, tagged and enriched with additional information even on a smartphone.

Linking/External Data

3D model, P&ID, isometrics and documents are automatically linked. In addition, all links to other systems (SAP) are integrated. This means that when you have selected a component, it is automatically displayed in all other systems.

Editable attributes

UniversalPlantViewer is fully configurable. Attributes can be filled and changed in the field. This makes it easy to keep the Digital Twin up-to-date.

Seamless integration of 2D and 3D world

Jump from 3D, to 2D, to documents with a single click. And on all devices, whether mobile, in the plant or on the PC in the office.

Fuzzy search

Find assets, tags etc. even if your search string doesn’t exactly match the result.

Other Functions

Multi-platform support

Available for Windows, iOS and Android, Available for desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones, Identical user experience on all platforms, Models can be viewed offline, from the local cache or via our unique streaming technology

Online, Offline or Streaming

All possibilities are open to you. This allows you to make the Digital Twin available for everyone and on all devices. Fast, simple and safe.

Additional features

Intuitive measuring, On-the-fly reporting, GPS positioning on mobile devices

Easy installation

Just download and install UniversalPlantViewer from Microsoft Store, Apple App Store, or Google Play

simplify work processes

We are the innovation leader in our field, inspired by the vision of creating simple, yet revolutionary software.