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Use case


Engineering process / centralized data

The Challenge

The engineering process of a project poses a great challenge in several phases: Basic: During the basic engineering phase new documents are created or existing ones updated: P&IDs, equipment drawings, layout plans, definition of design and operation conditions, feasibility studies, estimated MTOs for basic cost calculation and many more. First 3D model data is generated, plant and equipment layout and positioning are done, all in different, inhomogeneous applications, formats and folders or document management systems. Usually these folder structures diverge from project to project. Detail: With the same range of tools, the scope is detailed further, drawings, documentation, lists, P&IDs, Isometrics etc. are finalized. Final documents are generated and approved. Since every project requires structures that diverge from possible standard structures, keeping track of document locations, 3D models, layout plans, isometrics etc. comes at high administrative financial and time costs. Erection: During the erection phase, all documents created must be made available to engineering, management, contractors and construction companies. Revisions of documents can get mixed up due to the different sources and the human factor. At all times and all phases progress has to be tracked and visualized, e.g. how much of the planned scope (P&ID) has been transferred to the 3D model, what are the erection plans, what is the schedule.

Our Solution

UniversalPlantViewer© (UPV) was designed to provide easy access to your data, disregarding if it is from external documents, 2D or 3D sources, laser scans, lists or drawings. UPV holds this data in one place and enables you to link all required documents directly to the 3D model, thus making the data fully available at any given time throughout the complete engineering process. The 3D model is made available and accessible to all departments and specialties, making communication easier and keeping sets of data within one overall revision. The sketch functions enable you to sketch quick ideas during design reviews, make quick as-built corrections noticed in the field (3D) or even use IntelliPID© to keep track of master P&IDs and markups. Use different layers for disassembly, assembly, reuse, as-built, etc. and assign each layer a unique color. Centralize the exchange of data in your project across departments. Track the progress of the project easily by linking project management applications like Microsoft Project or Oracle Primavera to the UPV model, making it easier to keep track of different phases, assignments and work packages. An overall search functionality enables you to find data within the single documents as well as the whole project easily. Havel all your data at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere: UPV can be used on mobile devices as well as in a desktop environment (Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS).

The Effect

Save time and reduce costs during the whole engineering process. Avoid inhomogeneous data and/or folder structures and use centralized search features. Save on error costs and enhance your quality management.

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