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Use case


Site inspection / assessment

The Challenge

Some of the most time-consuming activities in a project are the assessment of the current situation on site and the following site inspections. For both, especially in brown-field-projects, extensive preparations are to be completed first on stationary workstations: Layout plans and plot plans are needed for the orientation within the plant. P&IDs for the task to be assessed or inspected. Up-to-date isometrics must be generated. Current equipment drawings could be necessary. Line and Tie-in lists need to be procured. Screenshots or other printouts of the 3D models must be provided. In a conventional situation, all this data must be printed on paper and taken on site, eventually risking the usage of outdated documentation. Once on site, a certain amount of time is needed to apply the right documents at the proper locations, not including the loss of time of inadequate preparations, missed documents or issues evolving during the inspection. Possible remarks, notes, measurements, as-built-corrections or similar need to be written down or sketched on paper and subsequently provided to the process, electrical, civil and piping engineers, for reintegration of the assessed data into the 3D model, P&IDs, etc. Eventually, the process might have to be repeated several times due to its time-consuming nature.

Our Solution

UniversalPlantViewer (UPV) was designed to provide easy access to your data, disregarding if it is from external documents, 2D or 3D sources, lists or drawings. UPV holds this data in one place and enables you to link all required documents directly to the 3D model, thus making the data fully available at any given time. Instead of having to select the data before going on site, with UPV you can make all data available at your fingertips. The models and documents can either be streamed or downloaded to a mobile device (Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS), making all the information available instantaneously. By linking 3D and document data like Equipment drawings, isometrics, lists etc. all information is easily found through integrated search functionality and accessed faster. Issues evolving during inspection can be treated right on site without the need for postponing these issues. Due to built-in sketching modules for 3D and P&ID any information gathered on site can directly flow back into the system, rendering paper and handwritten remarks obsolete. Orientation within the plant is supported by using the GPS functionality of mobile devices, showing the 3D model view of your current location. All of this offers a totally new way of working on site.

The Effect

The sophisticated and yet easy-to-use functionality of UniversalPlantViewer saves time, shortens preparations and accelerates the workflow of any on-site work. Possible issues can be addressed and resolved faster, saving costs persistently. Simple commenting functions enable you to write down notes and create 3D and 2D sketches on site, preventing of immediate information getting lost. By supporting an improved quality management, besides saving on costs, all workflows can be organized more efficiently.

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