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Use case


Tender procedure

The Challenge

When a project is put out to tender, a lot of information needs to be provided to the prospective contractor for the submission of a precise quote. This includes not only 3D model data, but reaches much further, including equipment data sheets, instrumentation data sheets, line lists, tie-in lists, P&IDs, layout plans, floor plans etc. This information is supplied to all prospective contractors likewise, even though eventually only one company might be appointed. But all documents delivered to the prospective contractor are out of the issuers control. There is no safe way of tracing what happens with the documents. This poses a risk of losing control over confidential data. Single files from this collection of documents can be exchanged subsequently, and the revisions of the enclosed documents must be tracked in some way, e.g. using transmittals, or similar, to provide data consistency within the package.

Our Solution

UniversalPlantViewer (UPV) was designed to make data secure, easy to access and revision safe. The original information within the UPV is stored in a manner that enables markups, sketches, coloring without changing the original data, creating a unique set of data. UniversalPlantViewer stores all project data within one single model. This enables easy access to all files provided. Instead of delivering all available attributes, filtering the latter makes sure the contractor receives only those attributes relevant to the task given. All data (3D model, P&ID, engineering documents etc.) enclosed in a UPV model is stored in encrypted files, making the session a safe container. UPV models can even be created with the option of setting an expiration date. Once the designated expiration date has passed, the model is not accessible anymore. The model can be streamed, downloaded or copied without impact on the expiration date. Download of the data can be restricted, preventing the data being copied and forcing the model to be streamed. Combined with authentication to the server, access to the information can be granted or withdrawn at any time given.

The Effect

Confidential data stays confidential and can be provided with an expiration date, rendering the data inaccessible once the expiration date has passed. This ensures the issuers data sovereignty throughout the tender process and control over the access to their proprietary data. All necessary data can be delivered to the prospective contractor within one single model, including all relevant documents. This supports the control of nondisclosure agreements and a standardized tender procedure. Eventually, faster and safer access to the data can lower engineering costs significantly and grant a high degree of security to your tender procedures while helping reduce error costs.

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