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Use case



The Challenge

During turnarounds and turnaround preparations there are a lot of details to consider: Data must be gathered, time schedules set, working areas defined, activities coordinated, documents updated, on-site situations checked, workflows synchronized, and potential projects implemented. This requires a great amount of organization, scheduling and tracking: inspecting working and storage areas on site, crane and scaffolding positions, coordinating contractors, organizing data from various sources, e.g. line and tie-in lists, P&IDs, layout and plot plans, pipeline isometrics and piping plans, equipment and civil engineering drawings, shutdown and startup procedures etc. Usually all these are provisioned in folders, document management systems, various software solutions and scattered between all these. Administrating data in this manner can prove to be highly time-consuming and gives place to possible errors and running out of schedule.

Our Solution

UniversalPlantViewer (UPV) was designed to provide easy access to your data, disregarding if it is from external documents, 2D or 3D sources, laser scans, lists or drawings. UPV holds this data in one place and enables you to link all required documents directly to the 3D model, thus making the data fully available at any given time. Project management applications like Microsoft Project or Oracle Primavera can be linked to the UPV model, making it easier to keep track of different phases, assignments and work packages. Detailed instructions for shutdown and startup can be attached to the model, e.g. equipment, pipes, instrumentation etc. By providing time attributes to 3D objects, you can easily colorize an visualize separate phases of the turnaround, setting time windows for task completion to optimize time schedules for potentially interfering tasks. With the UPV 3D Sketching tool you can add even fully modelled objects like scaffoldings or cranes to the model, define their position in advance and optimize the timing of the single steps of the turnaround. Necessary storage spaces for dis- and reassembly can be planned/reserved in detail in advance. By using animation, you can visualize crane movements, disassembly procedures, simulating e.g. the lifting of equipment and space requirements for safely completing the task. During the turnaround itself, the progress can be checked against the model, turnaround and project plans and time schedules, identifying divergences in time. UPV incorporates an easy-to-use reporting tool to help consolidate data with the option to filter by certain attributes and values.

The Effect

Save time and funds by achieving results more efficiently by thorough turnaround planning with UPV and by procuring documents in one central storage. Use UniversalPlantViewer to recognize divergencies in time and react before costs explode, thus reducing error costs. Bring quality management in turnarounds to a new level by implementing UPVs advanced options of data integration, interoperability and reporting options.

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