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.NET symbols

  1. Create the symbol as described in the tutorials above.

  2. In Compiler Settings select Visual Basic .NET instead of Visual Basic.
    Only Smart 3D 2014 R1 or higher is supported for .NET output!
    Please note: The combination of .NET valves and .NET operators is not supported before Smart 3D 2016 (due to Intergraph TR-CP-282293).

  3. Open the resulting .vbproj file in Visual Studio.

  4. If Visual Studio shows a message, that it couldn’t find the referenced Intergraph DLLs:
    Double click on My Project in the tree view, then on the References tab, then the Reference Paths button and add the path to the Intergraph DLLs there (usually something similar to C:\Program Files (x86)\Smart3D\Core\Container\Bin\Assemblies\Release\).

  5. If you still get error messages, it might be that the Intergraph DLLs are bound to a different version of the .NET framework. Change the target framework of your symbol project in Visual Studio, e.g. with Smart 3D 2016 Hotfix 25 you need to select .NET Framework 4.5. If you can’t select the necessary framework version, you might also need a newer version of Visual Studio.

  6. Run Build -> Rebuild

  7. Copy the DLL from .\obj\Debug to the SymbolShare, e.g. to \\sp3d10\sharedcontent\Custom_Symbols

  8. Go to the Intergraph Project Management and start Update Custom Symbol Configuration on the respective catalogue.

  9. Bulkload and place the symbol as usual.