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The Markup-tool can be used to create editable screenshots in UPV. After starting the markup, a screenshot with the current camera position is made and the tools can be found in the additional context menu to the right.

Markup tools

Close Markup: Closes the Markup, brings up the Markup Overview.
Show Initial Screenshot: Shows the view when the Markup was created, without UI elements.
Undo/Redo: Undoes a single action, or redoes it if it was undone.
Drawing Tools: The buttons, in order, draw freely, a straight line,a straight line in 90° angles, a rectangle, an oval, text from the clicked position to the right, erase drawn lines or text.
Pen Templates: Sets the drawing pen to a fixed size and colour; The last template is opaque.
Pen Definition: Changes the size and colour of the pen. If the
Pen Colour: Click on the colour panel to open more colour options. The slider regulates the transparency.

Markup overview

New Markup: Creates a new empty Markup.
Save/Load: Saves all Markups / loads existing ones.
Markups: Selecting a Markup from the list opens that specific drawing.
Rename: Renames the corresponding Markup.
Delete: Deletes the corresponding Markup.