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3D SymbolDesigner is a high-level symbol definition modeller. Graphical primitives may be parameterised; dimensions, position and rotation in space can be defined by formulas. 3D SymbolDesigner is case-sensitive, so be careful when typing names and formulas. All symbol data are stored in XML-structures which may also be exported.

Users may also define several variants of a symbol which can be stored in an Excel file together with the symbol geometry.

We recommend the user to read the tank-with-nozzles tutorial first even if he or she intends to build symbols for other disciplines.

Attributes and their interfaces are stored in Config.xls in the data subdirectory of your 3D SymbolDesigner installation. Add parameters that are not already included at the end of the Attributes tab of Config.xls. 3D SymbolDesigner will check the parameter mapping (last line in the table of variants) against these attributes and will mark all spelling errors and missing attributes with red background.

Sample 3D SymbolDesigner projects can be found in the Samples sub-folder of your 3D SymbolDesigner program folder. These projects are included:

Project Discipline Level Remarks
Angle Piping (spec) *** Includes manually created bulkload sheet examples.
Compensator Piping (spec) **** No bulkload sheets available.
CustomInstrument Piping (custom instruments) ** Sample bulkload sheets will be created by 3D SymbolDesigner (custom instrument tutorial).
GateValveHandWheel Piping (spec) *** Contains two projects, sample bulkload sheets included.
Tank Equipment * Sample bulkload sheets will be created by 3D SymbolDesigner (basic tutorial).
Tee Piping (spec) *** Includes manually created bulkload sheet examples and a SymbolIcon.