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UniversalPlantViewer is an easy to use tool to bring “Digital Twins” of your models (e.g. chemical plants, ships, off-shore platforms, buildings etc.) to any device running Windows, iOS, Android or a web browser. The Digital Twin can be used online and offline. In UniversalPlantViewer you can link all internal and external specifications, manuals, isometrics, etc. to your 3D model and stay up-to-date on the status of individual components.

The UniversalPlantViewer infrastructure consists out of


  • Based on Unity Gaming Engine, available for Windows, iOS and Android
  • Streaming or local storage


  • Windows or
  • Android or
  • iOS or
  • Web browser

If the model is used in streaming format, a huge amount of data may be transferred. On mobile devices, model size might be limited by memory.


  • OS: Win 10 or newer
  • 8GB or more
  • Graphics: On-board (dedicated Graphic card with 4GB)


  • OS: iOS12 (iOS15)
  • RAM: 4GB (8GB)


  • OS: Android 7 (11) RAM: 4GB (8GB) (usage might be restricted by manufacturer)

Web browser

Supported formats

UniversalPlantViewer uses input files created by UniversalPlantViewer Builder. Please refer to the UniversalPlantViewer Builder manual for a list of all supported 2D and 3D input formats.