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The tools menu contains specialised functions and options for working with your model.

Centre of gravity

There are two methods of calculating the centre of gravity (COG) of objects in your model. If the necessary attribute data is available in Smart3D or via special labels in AdapterForSmartReview (Dry CG), it will be used to calculate the COG. If there is no data, UniversalPlantViewer will calculate an approximate COG. Objects are highlighted in green / red if they have / lack COG data. You can export COG data as an excel file.

Highlight linked objects

Objects in UniversalPlantViewer can be linked to documents (maintenance manuals, equipment lists, websites…). Clicking on this icon greys out all objects without a link.

Automatic labelling

In the settings tab you can define which labelling attributes should be displayed automatically by clicking on Configure auto labelling attributes.

Then choose your desired attributes by dragging them to the box on the right:

You can enter a character on the keyboard to directly jump to that position in the list.

Activate line tracking

When selecting a pipe, using the line tracking feature will provide arrows on the ends of that pipe. Clicking these arrows moves to the next object in that pipeline.

Please use the following settings in AdapterForSmartReview Tools > Settings > Advanced to get the best results: Set stroking tolerance to “100”. Enable “Advanced Graphics Handling for measuring and line tracking”.

QR decoder

You can place QR codes containing a deep link in your plant that can be scanned with a mobile device and interpreted by UniversalPlantViewer.

To do this click on “Open QR decoder”. This opens a new tab and switches your mobile device’s camera on. If it detects a QR code with a deep link UniversalPlantViewer will automatically follow it. Refer to Linking in this manual to get more information on how to create a deep link. Use a QR code generator to create a QR code with your link.