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The spraying tool allows for a detailed selection of parts of a 3D-laserscan object. Selected parts can be either exported or deleted from the model.

The spraying tool only operates in the 3D-laserscan enviroment!

Pen Templates: Sets the drawing pen to a fixed size and color. The last template is opaque.
Deselect: Deselects the current Spraying so the regular model is visible.
Highlight: Grays out everything but the selected Spraying.
Export: Export sprayed region as .upvc file. This file will further be used in the LaserscanClippingPlugin for other use.
Edit: Edits the corresponding Spraying.
Save/Open: Saves all Sprayings as .upvf files. Loads existing files.

Press shift/alt to toggle between drawing and removing.

The spraying tool is only compatibel for Keyboard Users. Touch-screen is not supported.