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Licence upgrade and installation

If you are not currently using a Flexnet licence or a file based licence, please skip the next section and go directly to Register new licence key.

Upgrade from Flexnet or file based licences to licence keys

When you have any licensed product from CAXperts click on Help and then click on Update Licence.

The following dialogue will open up and show the current licence info. Then click on the Licence Key tab to switch to the licence key based licensing and follow the next section to register your new key.

Register new licence key

Please note: the endpoint used during licensing is Depending on your network configuration you might need to include it on the whitelist of your firewall.

If your CAXperts application doesn’t have a valid licence key, the Update licence dialogue will show up everytime you start the application.

This dialogue shows the current domain name of your host (the domain name may be needed in case you want to purchase a new licence key.)

If you want to deactivate an existing key (e.g. to switch keys), please click on Deactivate.

Now enter your new licence key in the input box and click on Activate.

After activation of the licence, the licence info is shown. If there is an error (e.g. the Demo button doesn’t disappear), please get in contact with

If the licence was successfully activated, please click on Close to close the window and start using your application.

Please note: the licence setup needs to be done only ONCE per host. All CAXperts UPV applications use the same licence key and activating it in one application activates it for all CAXperts applications on this machine.